Sunflower seeds

//Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds



Product Specifications
U.S. Sunflower Kernel

Origin: Sunflower hybrid seed
Flavor: Good, typical, mild, distinctive
Odor: Good, clean, fresh aroma
Texture: Firm, not brittle or soggy
Color: Off-white, gray
Microbiological: Aflatoxin:Negative
Pathogens: Negative
Chemical Additives: No preservatives or chemical additives may be used
Pesticide Residues: Meets all state and federal regulatory requirements
Fumigants: Only FDA-approved fumigants may be used as considered necessary. Residues may not exceed FDA-approved tolerances.
Quality and type of kernel is determined with the following factors to meet specific customer needs:
Size: Defined as kernel count per oz.
Foreign Material: Includes shells and unshelled seed, defined as percentage or count per unit of weight.
Moisture: Defined as a percentage at or below 8%
Damage: Distinctly discolored kernel or insect damage. Each defined as a percentage.
Broken or Chip: Any portion less than ½ kernel defined as a percentage.
Sticktites: Kernel with a piece of shell adhering, defined as count per unit of weight.


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