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Agro Harkness International is a company specialized in international business development solutions, with extensive experience and committed to provide international business and consulting services based on the customer needs and requirements.

Know About Us

Agro Harkness International has an extensive network of suppliers and agents located all over the world, we can find exactly what you need or arrange to have it manufactured. The product or commodity that your business needs is delivered according to the requirements and specifications that you determine. We are able to manage all the details and legal aspects of worldwide product packing and shipping. We also insure that transactions are completed in a safe and legal manner, and that the quality, specifications and quantity of items ordered are exactly what will be delivered. Additionally, Agro Harkness International provides a wide range of business development services. From advising a company on international purchasing and/or selling best practices, to guiding a company through the import/export procedures or advising a company’s new international business division – we can handle it all. Whatever your company needs, Agro Harkness International can overcome the challenges.

Commodities Trading/Imports and Exports


Selling commodities is our expertise in International Business. We put Sellers and Buyers in direct contact.

We bring extensive knowledge, expertise and commitment to successfully fulfill our customer’s international business needs.

Our Client Testimonials

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